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Suffering Unto Perfection 3: Taking Back The Soul

Suffering Unto Perfection 3: Taking Back The Soul


Sanctification is a separating from sin and the work Holy Spirit does in us when our wills come into alignment with God's will.  We no longer lie, commit adultery, cling to addictions, etc. We are choosing to consecrate ourselves by the lifestyle choices we make.  And when we do, we position ourselves to be moving towards Him, towards His holiness. 


These two things, sanctification and consecration, should be happening at the same time.  One is a separation from sin, and the other is a separation unto Him, unto holiness.  This is not taught often in the church.  We are taught that we should not sin, but few pastors are telling us what we are to become - holy like Yeshua, and what that looks like in our lives by living a sanctified and consecrated life - a walk that is moving towards holiness.  A life that is growing unto perfection.

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    The Suffering Series:  Book 3 of 5 

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