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Dr. Eugene Underwood

Founder & Pastor 

Spirit Life Ministries | Spirit Life Fellowship | Special Forces Training Institute

Pastor Eugene Underwood is the founder of Spirit Life Ministries and Spirit Life Fellowship Church in Anchorage, Alaska.

After the Lord appeared to him in 1980, encouraging him and placing him in the ministry, he led him to leave the Military and enter into full-time ministry which he did not want to do.

Upon further seeking the lord he let him know that Alaska was his destiny and the field he called him to work in.  So the lord led him to stay there, which he also did not want to do.  Which lead him down other paths he never wanted to take such as remarrying and starting other churches with a future Bible School in the works.


Pastor Underwood is not mentioning these things to show negativism in his life but the exact opposite.  To show the importance of obeying our Father regardless of your plans, purposes, or pursuits.  Through much opposition, we have been determined my wife and I to finish what he started in us.

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