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Suffering unto Perfection 1: Beginning the Journey

Suffering unto Perfection 1: Beginning the Journey


Our Father wants to take us farther than we have ever gone before, but we must stop restricting Him. We need to let go of all our preconceived ideas of who we think He is, what we think He has for us and how we think He should do it.  We must let go of our old ways of doing things. What might have been His way for us in the past is not necessarily His way for where He wants to take us.


We need to understand that God is doing something new.  If we hold on to the past and put Him in comfortable little boxes, we will miss Him and the plans He has for us.  We must decide: Do we want to fly with the eagles and soar with Him?  Or, do we want to walk amongst the crows?  Do we want to eat manna from the heavenly table, have the insight to see fat ahead, and be able to soar over the storms that come? Thus, the journey begins.

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    The Suffering Series:  Book 1 of 5 


    Publisher: ‎ Life Publication 

    Publication date: ‎ September 19, 2022

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