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Suffering Unto Perfection 2: Three Phases of the Crucified Life {Paperback}
  • Suffering Unto Perfection 2: Three Phases of the Crucified Life {Paperback}


    The crucified life is one of denial. It is the denying of oneself the luxury of operating and living in the fleshly realm. A carnal Christian operates out of an unrenewed mind, emotions and a heart that lusts after worldly desires. Such a person cannot live the crucified life. The crucified life is a life of pain and suffering. We need to arm ourselves with the mentality that we are called to die, to suffer until we are crucified with Him. We are to bear in our body the dying of Yeshua. Living the crucified life prepares us to walk and live in the Spirit.


    We see in Esther's life that she passed through three different houses, or phases.

    The first house she entered was the house of adoption. Her cousin Mordecai adopted her when she was a little girl and raised her as his own daughter. The second house she entered was the house of women, where she was purified. When that time was done, she finally entered the house of the king. The three houses represent the three spiritual phases the Lord leads His people through today. Only after we go through all three are we found worthy to stand before Him.

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      The Suffering Series:  Book 2 of 5

      Print Length:  106 pages

      Language:  English

      Publisher: ‎ LIFE PUBLICATION

      Publication Date:  September 19, 2022

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    • Series Description

      I have watched for many years believers of different backgrounds and levels of spiritual growth, discard the importance of the Old Testament. Which is a great mistake that will bring dire consequences to many. Just as Israel journeyed from Egypt to the promised land it parallels the exact journey you and I are on as a believer.


      The stories of these heroes' lives reveal to us principles, laws, and doctrines of heaven and the ways of our Father. Egypt being a type of the world to a believer who leaves the place and practice of sin within them, journeys through a wilderness of life predetermined by God to prove, test, and rid us of the things of the world that has lodged itself or planted within us through ancestorial and DNA ties. Also, by the sowing of words by us and others that has created enemies of the cross within us. This internal suffering purifies us to a level of entering into our promised land which is the Lord himself.


      This what Christ prayed in John 16 that we might be one, or as the last book says becoming like him. Israel possessing their promised land is a type of us pose him at a level of maturity. This was all predetermined before the world begin. Just as Israel poses Canaan land through war, we can begin to pose the kingdom through spiritual warfare and ultimately face to face by pulling down and destroying the four satanic divisions in satan's kingdom.

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