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Building A Firm Foundation {Paperback}
  • Building A Firm Foundation {Paperback}


    The words on these pages are about much more than suffering, even though to forge his character in
    one’s life will require a lot of it. It is about obtaining the two most important reasons you are on this
    earth. How to come to know and finish one’s destiny and how to become like him. These two things will
    intersect as you walk through this valley of the shadow of death called earth. The mistake many have
    made who live in the outer court of heaven, have concentrated the bulk of their life on working for him,
    fulfilling ones destiny instead of becoming like him. Our lord lays it out very clearly as to what must
    happen within one’s soul for the kingdom of God to come fully within you. Two succeed there are two
    things you must know, there are two people trying to kill you, the devil and God. The devil wants to
    destroy the very existence of God within you and if he can’t do that he will simply just try to kill you. God wants to destroy the self-life within you and if he’s successful you will wish for the first one, that the devil would have killed you. This plan of the lord is brilliant; he knows we will experience tremendous suffering in this world because of the evil that is here. He incorporated it into your life to use it to bring about a death to the self- life, thereby you proving your worth of him the pearl of great price. Hence, the life of the overcomer, triumphing over sin at every turn and surrendering your life for his. It is about failing and passing test because you will fail some and triumph over others, thereby passing and being promoted. What am I saying; the path you are on will bring trouble and purpose to your life, leading you right into the image of Christ. Therefore you must fight to survive and fight to grow. Our lord said it this way unless you are born again you cannot see the kingdom, but just because you are born again does not mean that you can see. We need the eyes of our heart enlighten; this book tells you how to allow what our Lord is talking about become a reality in your soul.

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      Print Length:  192 pages

      Language:  English

      Publisher: ‎ LIFE PUBLICATION

      Publication Date:  September 6, 2021

      Dimensions:  5 x 0.48 x 8 inches

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      ISBN-13:  978-1737637905

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